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March 9, 2008
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Starter Pokemon Evos by Moonshaft Starter Pokemon Evos by Moonshaft
Here we go! I completed my starter evo lines for :iconplateman:'s Fake Off contest! I can believe I made it, cuz I've had food poisoning for the last 2 days. Horrible stuff.

From upper left to right:

Name: Frungus
Type(s): Grass
Species: Mushroom Frog Pokemon
Height: '1 0
Weight: 28 lbs

Pokédex Entry: Frungus puts off a scent that drives predators away. Its slimy skin is also an irritant to those who touch it.

Design Origins: This pokemon is part tree frog (and some other frog elements) and part mushroom. Fr in the name is from Frog, and -ungus is from Fungus. My names are so american, i know :)

Why you designed it: I've always been a big fan of grass pokemon. This is my favorite of the 3 lines I designed. I tried all sorts of different designs for the grass line and simply settled on this one because it was the best.

Name: Mushribbit
Type(s): Grass / Poison
Species: Leaping Fungus Pokemon
Height: '4 10
Weight: 78 lbs

Pokédex Entry: Mushribbit's tongue is very sticky. It can adhere to anything and can pull prey in weighing up to 600 lbs. In the end of its tongue is a paralyzing poison. Mushribbit can leap up to 20 feet in the air!

Design Origins: This pokemon is part tree frog (and some other frog elements) and part mushroom. The name Mush comes from Mushroom, and Ribbit from the sound a frog makes. Soooo clever :D

Why you designed it: This was actually the first of the 3 grass evo's I designed, and really has the best mushroom/frog look and feel with its wierd head.

Name: Toadrule
Type(s): Grass / Fighting
Species: Combat Toad Pokemon
Height: '7 0
Weight: 250 lbs

Pokédex Entry: Toadrule has four arms, each able to operate independently from one another. Toadrules are able to leap even higher than Mushribbits, and have been measured to have leapt 300 feet in the air. The potency of Toadrule's poison is weakened, as it is able to defend itself in many other ways.

Design Origins: This pokemon is part tree frog (and some other frog elements) and part mushroom. Still sorta going with that tricky decision thing. You loose a type evolving from second stage but gain a different type at third. I think it makes the choice to evolve your second stage much more difficult. Its name comes from both Toadstool and Toad, combined with a powerful word that rhymes with stool; rule, to rule over something.

Why you designed it: This last one strays the furthest away from the mushroom head look. But I think the four arms look really cool! They were an afterthought.

Name: Bufflow
Type(s): Water
Species: Water Buffalo Pokemon
Height: '4 10
Weight: 211 lbs

Pokédex Entry: Bufflow can be found wading at the edges of rivers and lakes. Their fur holds lots of water without drying, to keep its dry skin moist.

Design Origins: This pokemon is based off of a water buffalo, but I took the water concept a step further by adding fin elements to help with swimming. Buffalo + flow of water, gives it its name.

Why you designed it: With my recent addition to Avatar the last Airbender, I must admit I was inspired slightly by Appa. I did several buffalo designs including an electric one in the past, but ended up using the basis for this water line.

Name: Brinalo
Type(s): Water
Species: Buffalo Fish Pokemon
Height: '5 6
Weight: 380 lbs

Pokédex Entry: There are openings in Brinalo's horns to allow it to breathe underwater, just like a fish's gills. Its tail is webbed to help it steer and swim faster under water.

Design Origins: Same concept; based off of a water buffalo, but I took the water concept a step further by adding fin elements to help with swimming. Brine is the foam created by crashing tide, and the end of the name-alo is obviously derived from buffalo.

Why you designed it: Cuz I needed a second stage to my water buffalo! :D I do wish I could've added another type that made sense, but I can't reasonably do so.

Name: Bisonami
Type(s): Water
Species: Wet Bison Pokemon
Height: '8 9
Weight: 720 lbs

Pokédex Entry: It is said that Bisonami are able to hold oxygen in their system for several days out of water. They are both capable of deep sea swimming and charging across the plains on all fours. Bisonami are also able to stand on their hind legs to further increase their ability to intimmedate predators.

Design Origins: Same concept; based off of a water buffalo, but I took the water concept a step further by adding fin elements to help with swimming. Biso comes from Bison, a related animal to the water buffalo, and -sonami is a modified spelling of tsunami, the great tidal wave. I like this name a lot.

Why you designed it: I almost settled on a quadrapedal Bisonami, but if you look at most Gamefreak designed starters, you'll see two bipeds and 1 quadraped in the final evolution of the fire/water/grass sets. I really like the upright look now that I did it though. Its way cooler.

Name: Tinderloin
Type(s): Fire
Species: Pork Fry Pokemon
Height: '3 0
Weight: 80 lbs

Pokédex Entry: The tail flame of Tinderloins put off a scent like cooking bacon. They are hunted to near extinction in the wild because of this, but many pokemon trainers have been able to domesticate them and keep them safe.

Design Origins: This pokemon is based off of a pig. I liked the idea of using slightly humorous names. Tinder comes from the brush/sticks used to start a fire, and is a play off of Tender, and combines with loin like tenderloin, a delicious cut of meat.

Why you designed it: This one came out all three stages on a single sheet of paper with no mistakes on any. I was on fire! :D I liked the designs of all three so choose them as my fire line, despite the mild ridiculousness of the pig.

Name: Flambacon
Type(s): Fire
Species: Hot Pig Pokemon
Height: '4 5
Weight: 222 lbs

Pokédex Entry: The fire on Flambacon's tail only goes out if fully submerged in water or mud. Flambacon's only wallow for a short period of time each day because of this. They are able to reignite the flame at will after a good meal.

Design Origins: Same concept; firey piggy. Flamba- comes from the cooking technique; flambeau, and the end of the name-bacon is the delicious breakfast meat from pigs!

Why you designed it: (Man I'm exhausted). Same as above, did the three perfectly the first time and kept it.

Name: Infernoink
Type(s): Fire / Flying
Species: Winged Pig Pokemon
Height: '6 7
Weight: 465 lbs

Pokédex Entry: Infernoink's fire burns white hot when it is angry, emitting a heat of nearly 2000 degrees. At night, they take to the air to catch bird pokemon to eat and other flying prey. It is said that the origin of the phrase "when pigs fly" refer to Infernoinks.

Design Origins: Same concept; firey piggy. This one I went with a little more push towards the boar look with the tusks. Inferno is a fiery blaze, making up the first part of the name; while oink, is obviously the sound a pig makes.

Why you designed it: (Man I'm exhausted). I did actually rework the designs on the face of this pokemon one or two times. Just the shapes though. The wings themselves I thought were a nice touch, going along with that "when pigs fly" addage.
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KaelynWolf-Flash Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When fire pigs fly! :flyingpig: 
TheGirlArtLover Oct 31, 2013  Student General Artist
They look like totens.. I like them ♡
Moonshaft Nov 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
What's a toten? I want one! :)
TheGirlArtLover Nov 24, 2013  Student General Artist
maybe was a bad translation (i have no idea how to spell it in english) but im sure you know what they are :D and i love them, i have a few of them, but little ones. All of them have a meaning for me.…

if you are just joking me edrtf7gyhuzsx cwzexrtfg :p
Moonshaft Nov 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ahhh, totems. Gotcha :)
Pokemaniac800 Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cute! I really like the water one.
Moonshaft Aug 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Moonshaft Aug 3, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Glad you like it :)
Scarecrow113 Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like the water one, it's cool looking
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